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Both Zürich Airport and railway station are the largest and busiest in the country.

Permanently settled for about 2000 years, Zürich was founded by the Romans, who, in 15 BC, called it During the Middle Ages, Zürich gained the independent and privileged status of imperial immediacy and, in 1519, became a primary centre of the Protestant Reformation in Europe under the leadership of Huldrych Zwingli.

The famous illuminated manuscript – described as "the most beautifully illumined German manuscript in centuries;" – was commissioned by the Manesse family of Zürich, copied and illustrated in the city at some time between 13.

Producing such a work was a highly expensive prestige project, requiring several years work by highly skilled scribes On , the citizens of Zürich had to swear allegiance before representatives of the cantons of Lucerne, Schwyz, Uri and Unterwalden, the other members of the Swiss Confederacy.

But critics then accused Mr Osborne of making it a “women’s duty” to fund key services for women rather than the responsibility of society at large.

Zürich is a hub for railways, roads, and air traffic.

City spokesman Hans Gonella told 20 Minuten it looked like it would be easy to restore the colour of the fountains but if the pumps had been damaged they will press charges against the group.

The tampon tax has caused controversy across Europe and in March this year, David Cameron announced that the European Commission had agreed to put tampons on the list of “zero-rated” items.

Settlements of the Neolithic and Bronze Age were found around Lake Zürich.Aktivistin.ch, the feminist group behind the stunt dubbed #happytobleed, said it was designed to prompt discussion on attitudes towards the female body.In Switzerland, women have to pay an eight per cent tax on tampons and sanitary towels as they are deemed a luxury product – as opposed to the reduced 2.5 per cent tax imposed on most everyday items such as groceries.Protesters in Zurich have turned 13 fountains blood red in protest at the so-called tampon tax and taboos around menstruation.Women campaigning for the abolition of the levy on sanitary products poured red food dye into fountains around the city, including several outside major railway stations, between am and am.

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Thus, Zürich became the fifth member of the Confederacy, which was at that time a loose confederation of de facto independent states.

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